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Technology and Stark Awareness

San Francisco Chronicle

Technology and stark awareness of social issues join forces in Michael La Rocco’s exhibit of iPhone-based images, “San Francisco: Lived In.” The pop-up exhibit also boasts an Instagram campaign and a focus on commuter areas where people daily brush elbows with the homeless. La Rocco hopes to tour the installation and add elements unique to different cities as it grows. La Rocco discusses the “atrophying of compassion as well as art’s potential to help people take a good hard look where they might otherwise turn away..

San Francisco: Lived In

Hanson Digital Blog

Photographer and multi-media artist Michael La Rocco has, like most San Franciscans and especially artists working in this most expensive of cities, been living in two worlds. One world exists securely behind firewalls, expensive technology devices and regular paychecks, but coexisting right alongside it is the world of sidewalk residents who don’t use Twitter or participate in any other aspect of this shiny new modern world — the homeless. 

iPhonic Art Experience

Valencia Street Review

I heard about Michael La Rocco through a mutual friend, fashionista and admirer of the VSR, Tony Taylor – thanks T! Good tip. Michael and I met for coffee, “interviewed” each other about our origins, motivations, inspirations, projects and goals. That lasted longer than expected and I came away from it with a new friend and a fascination with his project, SF Lived In.  The visual concept behind it is very clever, clean and to the point. What impressed me the most is his view of the subjects at hand…

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