Michael LaRocco, San Francisco, Artist

Michael LaRocco is an interdisciplinary artist that challenges narrative assumptions about queerness, memory, and visibility. His work as a writer, filmmaker, and sound artist is primarily concerned with shattering barriers, provoking dialogue, and presenting alternative narratives about social and political issues. To date his film and art work have been screened and exhibited at +48 Social Club Gallery in Tokyo, the Center for New Music in San Francisco, RAGFF in Venice, The Fotogenia Film Festival in Mexico City, and the de Young Museum of Art in San Francisco. LaRocco is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. His first novel "Come As You Are" was shortlisted for the Impress UK Book Prize in in 2019. His recent film "The Magic Hour" was awarded the best short film at the 2020 Retro Avant Garde Film Festival in New York City.