The Magic Hour


Lullaby To My Father

If you're obsessed with drugs, aliens, horror, then you've probably come to the right place. This motley crew of films represents a collection of my fantasies, obsessions, and nightmares all rolled into one, and performed under my persona and "drag" alter ego, Loretta Stern. 


The films in this collection are part film collage, part dissonant soundscapes. Using original music and sound samples my films are designed as sonic tremors meant to rattle the listener and sooth the soul. My films are intended to form subversive new narratives about the American way of life, edited together using dozens of films in the public domain, and in my own private collection. A promotional film about a bored 60's housewife attending the World's Fair becomes a satire about drugs, psychedelia, and gender roles. Two men kissing becomes a study of queer loneliness and desire. A promotional film about the importance of mental health in the 1950's becomes a horror film about forced lobotomies and electroshock therapy in Eisenhower's America.


Biz wise: If you wish to screen one of my films, or want to hire me for a music video, please feel free to DM me through my Instagram handle @video_confession, or through the contact page on my website.